World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca: 02/2006

World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca


Back home (german angels)

Fallen angel ( Me )

My Second Holiday Angel

Trash Tip

just try it its fun!!
..... or do you wonna play with dolls



I Found this angel in The graveyard in Palma

catepillar GroupSex

My second Birthday present !!

God Of the Sun my first birthday Present !!!


View from a bar window on Palma city
(original pic)
By Henri

ar Crash

played by insects

Henri is Back !!!


You Are 70% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.

Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.


Short holiday report

I forgot my visa card
my cellphone is broken
it was raining pingpong balls of ice
go this damn pain in my right foot
But i got a porno channel in my Room !!!


ill be back in a week ,Go on bloggin !!!


Yesterday !!!


Valentine Graffiti Gate

Valentine Day
All fixed by Henri banks Himself


Blue head Light
All fixed by Henri banks Himself


Batteries Low
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

The Hole
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

My last visit in australia

I found jane with another man in the shower


Camera Tossing

My first tossings, i must say its not easy !!

Tell me!!

An other me( i know you dont gonna like it )

Did the change for fun


Art at friday,Art i found in the WWW Art i want to show you


H.N.T.(no its not my penis)


Milk or Beer ?

Foolin around with a muslim problem


I´m not human i´m a washing machine

I don t Gonna look(i don´t going to look)


Somebody realy made some thoughts

Yep there it is, some modern moron art by henri

i Want this for my birthday !!!

Why is jesus the lord? Do you think there is a god ?why do you think there is a god? I read the bible and i must say there are better books ,i never met god and Jesus mmmm he was a man who could talk and people believed him in that time he was a kind of popstar and that was fu.. dangerous in that time.After a while he believed his own story .years later milions of people have to die because they didnt believe this story. I tell you religion is just a kind of trick to get a grip on people!!! now in 2006 it isnt workin annymore so good in the western world,but look to the islam world they die for there god... is this normal, NO this is dangerous like the christian religion in the middle ages. When you wonna believe, believe in yourself ,in your family , your friends and in this beautiful world
Thats my Religion i believe in You
Henri Banks 05-02-2006


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Snow Trail


Another Shit head !!!

I only can say
come and try
to make your shit with us ,
it gonna be the end
of your silly religion !!!

Bewaffneter vor der EU-Vertretung in Gaza


Talkin about white trash.....


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