World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca: 01/2006

World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca


Present for Valentine(Warning! might not make every man happy!)

Lets kick.....

Rocky drive at the Berlin Park

Please Mister drugdealer send them some dope!!!

Why do they have rights !!!

Look how they live and how they treat the environment.
And try the say a wrong word about allah or mohamed
they just kill you !! What kind of people are they!!!
I love the freedom to speak and enjoy to make bullshit
but i dont gonna kill someone for my needs.
We dont have to send weapons and soldiers to the middle East
They need a massive brain operation
Henri Banks



Number of porcupine incidents 7
Last porcupine incident Jun 13, 2005
Time since last incident 232 days
Porcupine related vet bills $762.12
Score Porcupines 7 - Cinder 0

Number of porcupine incidents 2

Last porcupine incident Dec 23, 2003
Time since last incident 769 days
Porcupine related vet bills $231.87
Score Porcupines 2 - Lucky 0


The weekend was so nice and its over now .monday again i want my weekend back damned


Ice land in Berlin

I almost forgot to post this picture
there is some sadness in it you almost
feel lonly when you look for a moment
to this pic!!!



defy angel

defy angel
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My Life between 1980 and 2004



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Bloggin Blues by Henri Banks

Keitai Pic (Cellphone)

What do you think of this?

Its nice made but still its sick !!


I gave the word stupid cunt in google
and i became him , Poor boy!!

Female masturbation

Female masturbation
Female masturbation

Females have perhaps more techniques available to them to masturbate than males have. Usually the woman rubs her vulva and especially the clitoris. She may insert some of her fingers into the vagina and rub the frontal wall of the vagina. The woman can use a vibrator or a dildo to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. Shower is also used in stimulating the clitoris. Her anal area is also sensitive and it can be stimulated in masturbation. Some women like to rub their breasts and nipples. Usually masturbation is continued until the orgasm is achieved. Orgasm is a very intensive pleasent feeling. Some women can have several orgasms in a short period of time, some are not able to get an orgasm at all. The vulva area usually gets wet during the stimulation.

Male masturbation

A male masturbating
A male masturbating

The most common technique is to hold the penis (in erection) in hand and to move the hand up and down. Men may also rub and touch other sensitive areas of the body such as the scrotum (the place where the testicles are located, the anus, and the nipples. Masturbation is almost always continued until orgasm is achieved. Orgasm is a very intensive pleasent feeling similar to the women. During orgasm sperm is ejaculated from the tip of the penis. Most men enjoy the sensation of ejecting sperm. Men can not usually have several orgasms in a short time.

Mysterious Nights in berlin


Realy Mine !!


Holiday for this year !!

On The Road again ;-)


-17C thats fuckin cold !!!

The film was Fantastic


Messy Desk Contest

Go for it!!
Do you have A bigger mess
on ya desk than Me ?

We can Make Terror To !!!

Rock against Religion




Who is this !!!

Dirty Blond

This man is ......(I dont like Him)

This man is The man !!!


The Trash Cops

This was a great model!!


Hnt again


From "Goldo"

I found his Blog today and hey i didnt know but i am a goldo Fan !!

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