World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca: 09/2004

World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca


Thats My Bike !!! Posted by Hello


Ze Bridge öf ze Henri

Thats my Dog Posted by Hello

Time is Running

Choose a watch For Henri Posted by Hello


Bouh !!! Posted by Hello

Airport Security Check Posted by Hello

-------Push The Screen-------


Thats german for new zealand Posted by Hello

One day in Berlin Posted by Hello


Violence is not the solution Capice !!! Posted by Hello

Green is the word Posted by Hello

Johnny banks Posted by Hello


So: what´s going on in Henris head ? Posted by Hello


Violence is stupid
Some people never understand that
For two friends of my it´s too late


who is the man on the window
Is it Henri.....................
tell me!!
I wonna knowPosted by Hello

Henris garten what do you want more it´s a small paradise Posted by Hello


A Bee in my Cofee Posted by Hello




Rikkie paulinni call us Please !! Posted by Hello

We lost him this month nobody knows where he is Please bring him back it´s a good boy Posted by Hello

Time For Religion.....................What is Religion ......................... MMMMMMmmmm is it good ? is it Bad ? Posted by Hello


Never never NEVER Again Posted by Hello

We Dont Understand !!! Posted by Hello


without words Posted by Hello


Goodmorning Henri Posted by Hello

We are We Are not Posted by Hello


Car surfing is the name given to the dangerous activity of young people that can cause severe injuries or death. Car surfers sit and hang on to, or stand on top of, moving cars and utes as though they were surfing. We might call such people temporary Australians because of the very recklessness and dangerousness of their actions. Sometimes this is done as a game or challenge to see who can stay on the longest and land on your feet when the car or ute suddenly stops or turns. People ride on the bonnet, roof, or boot lid of moving cars, stand up and balance in the tray of utes, or hold to or be towed by vehicles while skateboarding or roller blading. In some instances, people engaging in car surfing leap from one moving vehicle to another...
 Posted by Hello

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