World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca: 03/2005

World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca


Inside The Olympia  Posted by Hello


New Born Again


My Life Posted by Hello

Jeannette Posted by Hello

Ze Freddy Posted by Hello

Ze ömer Posted by Hello


Henri´s Bike Posted by Hello

A Belgium Joke Posted by Hello

Ingo and André Posted by Hello

Ritchie & Willy Posted by Hello

Tell me What is the name of this Guy? Posted by Hello

My ring is Back Posted by Hello


Enjoy It


Colors of blue on the left edging stress on the right  Posted by Hello

Forbidden !!!! Posted by Hello


cold fire tingles lips
like a long kiss goodnight
leaning against a door
and wanting
wanting to part
lower lips,thirst for the curl
of smoke on your tongue
the last drop of amber
slides down your throat
and your glass
is empty


Auwa !!! Posted by Hello


wait !!! Posted by Hello

Circle !! found this pic on a berlin blog Posted by Hello

Tell me !! Posted by Hello



Thats the Name
the new song of Art & Chaos
This is a song to enjoy
take a seat or lay down
Close your eyes
and welcome to the world
Art & Chaos


Old FlAsh From 2OO2 by Art & Chaos

So What

(The Feeding Of The 5000)

They ask me why I'm hateful, why I'm bad.
They tell me I got things they never had.
They tell me go to church and see the light.
Cos the good lord's always right.

So what, so what.
So what if Jesus died on the cross.
So what about the fucker, I don't give a toss.
So what if the master walked on the water.
I don't see him trying to stop the slaughter.
They say I wouldn't have to live from bins.
If I would go along, confess my sins.
They say I shouldn't commit no crime.
Cos Jesus Christ is watching all the time.

So what, so what.
So what if he's always over my shoulder.
I realise the truth as I get older.
I get to see what a con it is.
Because it's my life, mine not his.
Well, they say they're going to send me away.
Said they're going to make me pay.
We're sorry but you got to go.
But you were naughty, you said "No".

So what, so what.
So what if I see through the lies.
So what if the people I despise
Twist my arm and make me work,
I'm no deaf, no fucking jerk.
I'm no spastic lying in the street.
I'm no superstar elite.
I'm just a person, a human being.
You're a part our machine because we want you to be.
We've got you now and you'll never be free.
We can even have your body after you're dead.
We can take the eyes out of your fucking head.
Yes we'll take them out, use them again.
We can do it you know cos we've got your brain.
We'll crucify you like we crucified him.
We'll make you obey our every whim.
We got the power, the power and the glory.
I've heard that before in a different story.
But the story I heard covered up the truth,
Didn't touch on the actual factual proof.
Didn't say about the bodies in the concentration camps,
Didn't say about the (surgeons) knives underneath the lamps,
Doesn't say that the ovens are still warm,
Doesn't say that this wretched little form
Is a human being who wants to live
But not in the snot and shit they give.

They say that I had better keep quiet
Or they're gonna douse my light.
Jesus Christ can save my life,
But I can always use my knife.
So what, so what, so what, so what, so what, so what, so what, SO WHAT.


Funky business

Funky business

Kill Kill Kill . . Kill Your body your natural Design . . kill your mothers Creation . . kill ya damn bones and muscles . . get a weeny willy and a brain of pudding !!! Posted by Hello


Überbabes Flashlink

Paisley Dalton was the DJ

At The Golden gate The Überbabes Posted by Hello


Gneisenaustrasse II Posted by Hello

Gneisenaustrasse Posted by Hello

kochstrasse Posted by Hello

Moritzplatz Arived Posted by Hello

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