World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca: Djaba Djaba

World Of White Trash - El mundo de la basura blanca


Djaba Djaba

Djaba Djaba has nothing to do with politics,
religion, commercial activities nor science!

Djaba Djaba can be a state of mind, a temporary condition, or even a way of life.

In other words:

you can be in a Djaba Djaba Mood,
you can have a Djaba Djaba Moment,
you can feel Djaba Djaba
and you can even BE Djaba Djaba.

It’s very hard to sketch the true sense of Djaba Djaba but basically it’s all about feeling good, but there’s more to it than just that.

In order to understand that there’s a few notions that need to be clear before you can understand Djaba Djaba as a complete concept

"The Djaba Djaba Moment is a temporary condition of mental stability"

Imagine yourself lying down in your favorite couch, sipping a nice Burgundy, reading a book, listening to your favorite songs.
Well,… if that is what you really like most at that time,…
then you’re having a Djaba Djaba Moment.
You feel good, in harmony, relaxed and you are in a stable condition.
You feel Djaba Djaba.

You might just as well be freaking out on the dance floor, jivin’ and moving on your preferred beats.
Well,… if that’s what makes you feel good at that particular time and place,…
then you’re in a Djaba Djaba state of mind.
Here too you have a Djaba Djaba Moment and you feel Djaba Djaba.

"The Djaba Djaba Mood is the feeling you have, when you need a Djaba Djaba Moment"

Whenever you’re not doing what you would like to be doing,… you’re in a Djaba Djaba Mood.
This means you’re suffering instability and all things seek after stability. That’s a law in physics.
You’re longing for a Djaba Djaba Moment.
You might also want to do something with someone you like or love (or even lust for).
Well,… then you’re in a Djaba Djaba Mood.
You’re NOT feeling Djaba Djaba

A Djaba Djaba Mood can thus come in many forms. It can be feeling bored, excited, hungry, thirsty, tired,… hey,…you can even be horny.

Of course there are times in life when you don’t want to lie down, or dance, or drink, or make love,…
but there is ALWAYS something you’d like to do.
Well,.. that’s called “a Djaba Djaba Mood”.
Some skeptics will for sure say “What ifI don’t want to do anything at all”.
Well,… even if you are looking for that moment where you can do nothing at all,…
you’re in a Djaba Djaba Mood.

The Djaba Djaba Mood

So basically, everybody is always in a Djaba Djaba Mood, unless they’re feeling Djaba Djaba,…
which means: having a Djaba Djaba Moment.

The Djaba Djaba movement

"The Djaba Djaba movement was founded with the ideal to create a better world
without the use of old dogma’s, principles or political views"

Although there is a great similarity with Buddhism,…
no rites, rituals or rules are written out for the believers in Djaba Djaba.

All they need to do,
is believe in the principle and try to create as many Djaba Djaba moments as they can,….
until all the gaps between them have vanished.

To BE Djaba Djaba

"The ultimate goal is to no longer have Djaba Djaba Moods"

Never ever again!

This might sound strange for the uninitiated, but true believers want more than feeling Djaba Djaba every now and then,…
they want to BE Djaba Djaba.

Surely they enjoy those scarce moments of utter feeling good, but they believe in a higher cause.
Only if you can spend your life without striving after a Djaba Djaba Moment, you can call yourself harmonious and at peace.

Then, and only then, you ARE Djaba Djaba

Being Djaba Djaba is the foundation for happiness and peace around the globe.

If every human being would be true Djaba Djaba, the world itself would be Djaba Djaba.

The only true Djaba Djaba

"The simplest things in life can make you feel good"

and give you a brief Djaba Djaba Moment.

It can be a smile, a tender touch,…even a yawn can make you feel Djaba Djaba.

The thought of even a yawn being able to make you feel good, was the trigger to give Djaba Djaba an appealing representative.

The pink, furry, yawning creature was born and is the visual representation of Djaba Djaba.

Followers and believers know this cute little guy as the only true Djaba Djaba,… so far



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